Summer 2020


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Our next rehearsal will be at 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 26th.

Selections for Sept. 27th :

Music Before the Service :

Dear Jesus, In Whose Life I See #468 UMH - Score

Prelude :

We Declare Your Majesty - Mp3 - Score

Invitation :

All Hail King Jesus #2069 FWS - Mp3 - Score

Praise and Worship :

Sanctuary #2164 FWS (Key of D Major and E Flat) - Score

Offertory :

We Adore You (Key of F Major) - Mp3 - Score


Amazing Grace (Key of G) - Mp3 - Score - Lyrics

Closing Song :

Softly and Tenderly (F Major) - Score - Lyrics


Extra Selections:

Communion Song :

Take Our Bread - Mp3 - Score

We Are Called (G Major) - Score

Edelweiss (Key of B Flat) - Mp3 - Lyrics

We Thank You for Your Presence - Score

Oh, Rest In the Lord (Mendelssohn) - Mp3 - Score

Bethena (Joplin) - Mp3 - Score

Valse in a minor (Chopin) - Mp3 - Score

Love Lifted Me (Key of E Flat) - Score